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Ingredient: Wild Caught Aba Aba Knifefish (Gymnarchus niloticus)

Sold per pound

Asa fish is one of the most expensive types of fish in Nigeria. It is not farmed, but gotten from the fresh waters of Southern Nigeria, where it dwells in shallow, slow moving water. It is also called freshwater rat-tail, frankfish, or African knifefish. It is an electric fish, not so bony, with shiny skin. It is dried mangala style. Mangala fish is a fish that is cut into smaller pieces before it is wood-smoked. 

Asa Fish (aka Eja Osan, Dansarki, Azu Asa) - Mangala

  • Due to the perishable nature of our product, we do not accept returns. In the event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you must contact us within 15 days from receiving your order. We reserve the right to limit refunds and replacements, and we can only offer one replacement per consumer.

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